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Declutter & Destress
is a service that was developed to help all types of individuals decrease excessive “clutter” in various areas of their lives.  Whether you suffer from the "extreme" of hoarding to just consistently struggling with a messy playroom or papers on your desk, this service can help you.

Clutter can be physical, mental, or both.  It all produces the same result: stress, disorganization, and discontent.  The idea behind this “in-home” service is to reduce “the unnecessary” and give order and function to your needs and wants.

Let Declutter & Destress help you learn the skills that you need to get on track.  Restore order to your home, your family, and your life.

Services Offered

  • Free phone consultations
  • Diagnosis of Problem Areas
  • Organizational Skills Training
  • Time Management Assistance
  • In-Home/Office Based therapy
  • Pre-Move "Clean-Out"
  • Real Estate Sales "Staging"
  • Move-in Organization
  • Decision Making Help    
  • Donation, sales, disposal
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Relaxation Training
  • Family Skills Training
  • Small Business Organization

Who is this for?

  • Adults
  • Children
  • Families
  • Business Owner
  • Your Home
  • Your Car
  • Your Home Office
  • Small Business


declutter & destress
50 main street - suite 1000
white plains, ny 10606
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